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Hetalia by Hola-chan Hetalia by Hola-chan
Haha, i actually heard someone say this once. No harm feeling intended. I'm a big hetalia freak, and you gotta admit there are a lot of stereotypes. XD
Again, DO NOT kill me. I don't want any hetalia fans out to get me *i hide now
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
EDIT aru: How did i not notice that it reached 1000 views aru OwO

Guys. This isn't even funny. Stop.
Like. How do you even find this? :I
How did this get so popular anyways?
I finally watched the dubbed version. Wow, that thing is terribly funny & it really is stereotypical. Oh god, the accents tho. R'ssssss. R's everywhere. "Prease" I'm laughing way too much.

I'd just like to let you all know that I'm trying to pay for art school. If you like lolita, fairy kei, or Attack on Titan then you should visit my shop
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I'm an American and I hate how dead-on America/Alfred Franklin Jones is to us. ^^,
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"More from DeviantArt " -some Dude making Hetalia-Memes

while i was looking at battle helicopters.
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LOL How is it racist?! 
um... It's a joke. The characters represent their nation, and as implied, their race (yes nationality can be included in race).  Each character has racist implications (Italians are cowards, Americans are self-centered, Germans are effecient etc.)

So by definition it is racist. But not in a serious way,. Racism at it's core definition is just categorizing people by race, and hetalia does this along with with reference to history and culture, but for humor. 

Racism can be funny if it's not taken seriously and has thought put into it.. After all, a creation doesn't necessarily reflect the beliefs of preferences  of the creator. Hetalia is basically a "what if whole nations were single people" show

Plus, it's a joke, everyone's aware of the stigma that comes with the word "racist" so the idea of racism being adorable is ironic.
MayAnny Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it's a joke. It's a ridiculous one that makes no sense unless you're an idiot who thinks everything's 'racist'. I'm pointing it out because I see this as a recurring symptom of modern Western society, especially in its young, and I find this unhealthy.

Stereotypes are not racist. Nationality cannot be called a race, unless you're talking about ethnonational countries such as China, Japan, Israel, etc. Europe no longer applies to that statement because it's forbidden for them to do so. 

Stereotypes are formed out of people's actions as a group throughout history and from how they portray themselves to the world, usually they spread as a simpler manner of recognizing peoples across the globe, and there are positive and negative stereotypes. Americans are self-centered, but they also have a deep love for freedom and their country, for example. Stereotypes are a common human mechanism, because not everyone has time to know the nuances of other countries.  

'Racism', without the postmodern redefinition, is the act thinking of one race as superior to another, usually (but not always) coupled with a negative generalization of a person based solely on their skin color, like saying blacks are thugs simply because they're black, not because they're poor or had a bad life at home with bad influences. Yes, Italy is a coward, but he's also cute, easygoing, and a great cook. Hetalia has never referred to one's race, not once. 

You, and many others, are seeing racism where there's none.
golden1willow Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017
I think you're projecting, and your definitions are a bit off. Actually, those who do "See racism everywhere" would not find this funny, they would see it as some kind of call-out rather than a ironic description of an enjoyable show. Only people who are sensitive to the topic of race would feel defensive or offensive about such a post as this one.
"is the act thinking of one race as superior to another" Actually this is a sub-definition. Racism originated with the idea that people could be categorized by racial groups. Every later definition is an extended specification of this.

The most relevant definition of racism as it applies today, is prejudice based on race, or the belief that all people of a race (should or do share  the same characteristics (more relevantly, behavioral).  

Some people believe that it is wrong for  people of their own race to participate in cultures not typical of their race (what clothes to wear for instance) There are some blacks who say they "hate black people" without any reference or comparison to other races. If they're saying this because of some repetitive behavior they witnessed in the black community, that statement would be racist, even though the speaker is also black.

So Racism isn't specific to a feeling of superiority, nor is it specific to skin color. (for instance There's racism that occurs between white races in Europe. Because over there they identify by more specific categories like French, Italian, Polish ect... all of which are white races)

Secondly, stereotypes are oversimplifications. They don't necessarily have to do with what's actually true. For instance, the stereotype of blondes being dumb, or smart people wearing glasses. A stereotype of a race, is, by definition, a racist (or racial if you will) stereotype. This doesn't make it evil, it just means that the stereotype has to do with oversimplifying all people of a certain race.  It would only be problematic if the stereotype was being applied to real people.

So while stereotypes are oversimplifications, racism is prejudice - an actual belief. And in Hetalia, each character IS a representation of an entire nation, not an individual. So if you wanted to, such as for a joke :I you could call it racist.

I think what you mean is that Prejudices are a common human mechanism, because our brains naturally try to find laws and patterns by which to predict and maneuver through the world. 

Really it depends on what you consider a race. A race is any group of people with some given characteristic in common, be it location, appearance, or species (human race, American race, male race, Black race vs African race vs Kenyan race etc)

So if you only consider race to be skin-color related, then I guess you wouldn't get the joke. But if you considered things like German, French, American to be races, then you would.

Either way you're kinda forcing this whole thing to be political. As I've said, it's just a joke. 
MayAnny Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nope, not projecting. Projecting would be 'I see racism everywhere and therefore think others do too'. I just pointed out that there is none. So 'projecting', by its own definition, literally doesn't apply. Think a little more before you reply with accusations.

Like I said, I'm pointing this out because I'm seeing a recurring theme with modern Western society, where people, young in particular, are too focused on race. The college intellectuals won't stop talking about it, media won't stop talking about it. It's so recurring that people are seeing racism in a simple cartoon or anime.  

Again, what I explained is THE DEFINITION of racism and it has been that definition for centuries. It has been altered by postmodern 'intellectuals' so they could say everything is racist. I already studied this in depth. Prejudice based on race is exactly what I had explained, so I don't see why you felt the need to disagree with me, only to then agree, only with your own set of words. That was redundant. 

"Some people believe that it is wrong for people of their own race to participate in cultures not typical of their race" That would be authoritarian, because it tells people what to wear or how to live. It doesn't fall squarely on racism because it depends on the situation. How about saying that an American can't dress as a traditional Mexican musician for Halloween (as it has happened with people despite not even being white), that's authoritarian, 'Mexican' is not a race, so it's nothing to do with racism. That's the 'Cultural Appropriation' folks. They're just crazy authoritarians. 

"There are some blacks who say they "hate black people"... If they're saying this because of some repetitive behavior they witnessed in the black community, that statement would be racist," No it would not. They're, /in most cases/, pointing to bad behavior that they're /only/ seeing in black communities, like ghetto culture, gangster rap culture, single-mother epidemic, etc. Saying those are the reasons they don't like black people is not racist. It's the same as saying that a white person not liking 'white trash' for living in trailers and using meth is racist. If they say a race is inferior (like many blacks do to whites, btw) or generalizing a race negatively (again, like many do to whites), then /that/ would be racist. Stop trying to broaden its meaning. It should be VERY specific, otherwise, anything can fall into it if you push it, as it does these days. You have to be specific if you want a system to operate properly.

"So Racism isn't specific to a feeling of superiority, nor is it specific to skin color" It IS about superiority, it has always been. Stop trying to change its meaning. But okay, my wording wasn't specific enough, I believe. 'Race = skin color' is not the most accurate description, since Asians and Europeans are very close in shade, for example. So before going any further, let's /organize/ the mess and go with European, African, Asian, Ameridians, Semitics, the biggest races. Race is very 'continental', differentiated in skin color in many cases, but Asians and Europeans are pretty close in color, and so are Jews, Semitic and very close to European in color too. To organize it in further detail, there are sub-races for each. Europeans would be Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Iberian, etc. Germany and Austria are different countries, but both have Germanic peoples, with Germanic roots. French and British aren't races. They're nationalities. So, /American is not a race/, as I just read further in your reply. It includes several races and many sub-races of each. 

There's nothing about race between these countries. Many Spanish folks don't like Brits, but there's no race there, there's a long historical and modern context for such negative generalizations, like they say Brits are rude and drunk tourists. Noticing recurring behavior is not racist. The French and the Brits don't get along, but we all know there's no racism there, it's all in their history! They had a 100-year war, for crying out loud! See what I was saying? When I say people are seeing racism where there is none? That's exactly what I mean. 

And yes, stereotypes are oversimplifications, but I already explained their meaning. If it's not about RACE, as I have simplified above, then it's not racist. Stereotypes can be positive or negative. Stereotypes are behavioral, they form with time, with recurring behavior and what they export in culture. Blonde is not a race, and the stereotype goes both ways, 'dumb', but also 'pretty' or 'popular'. They're just recurring themes.

Prejudice is not in itself bad or even entirely linked to racism in any special manner. Prejudice is a pre-judgment. We all have a pre-judgment that a wild tiger will maul us. That's prejudice against tigers. If you're walking alone at night and you see a hooded black man walking towards you, you'll have an immediate pre-judgment that you'll be robbed and/or raped. That's not racism, that's your brain working out statistics and numbers to calculate the threat level and your chances of survival, because you know (or you should know) that it happens much more often with people who fit that profile. It's ancient stuff. Helped us survive against nature. Hetalia characters are walking stereotypes, both negative and positive together. It's not about race. If you call it racism, you don't know what racism is. Just deconstruct the damn word, for God's sake.

"I think what you mean is that Prejudices are a common human mechanism, because our brains naturally try to find laws and patterns by which to predict and maneuver through the world" Yes, you got it right. I don't know why are you even disagreeing with me if you got what I meant.

"Human race" Differentiates between humans and animals. "American race" Not a race, it's a nationality. "Male race" Not a race, it's sex. "Black race" African, but yes, race. "African race" Same as black. "Kenyan race" Again, not a race. Stop seeing the world as SUBJECTIVE. The real world is OBJECTIVE. 

And yes, of course I'm making it political. Didn't you read my other comments in this same thread? I love debating. I'M HAVING FUN HERE! Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]  Why would you even engage me if you didn't want to talk politics an' shit?! Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] You should have known better! Fool Emoji-36 (Gaga) [V3] 
Why aren't you just a nervous little junebug about this, well I hope you read this whole thing.

"Nope, not projecting" Yes, you're viewing any mention of racism as being some kind of hypersensitivity to the matter of race when you yourself are being sensitive to a joke about racism. Even if hetalia wasn't factually racist, it's still a funny joke because of the association between racism and cuteness.

"Think a little more before you reply with accusations." Lol Follow your own advice. After all, you're going on about wrong and remade definitions and picking things apart when you yourself demonstrate poor understanding of words like stereotype and authoritarian.

"I'm seeing a recurring theme with modern Western society" And? So, what, because some nut-jobs are hitting the media, a simple joke is suddenly too far to be made?  What's wrong with a little fun?

"It has been altered by postmodern 'intellectuals' so they could say everything is racist."  The only altercation dictionaries have made is adding the new definition with includes the concept of government-enforced racism. Here's the definition I go off of (even though I've already defined it)

Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Notice how many definitions include the word "especially". I tend to disregard anything said after that because it basically means "This is the most common reason people use the word, but is not a required detail to be a proper use" hence that they say "especially", not "specifically".

Now it's not hard to look into the origins of the word, and in fact there's no known use of the word before the 1900s.  What you're using sounds like the Wikipedia definition, which is quite frankly backwards by itself, saying that a belief in superiority may lead to prejudice, when it's prejudice that leads to the belief in superiority because you're assuming the traits of people within both your own and other races.

"That would be authoritarian" Incorrect, do try to be less biased in analyzing what I say.  Authoritarian is a belief in strict obedience to an authority. What I described was an opinion on what is appropriate for certain types of people, there was no mention of any authority or any disobedience, so it's not that

You aren't authoritarian if you're not referring to any actual authority. Disapproving of a Mexican costume on an American is not authoritarian, anymore than wanting to wash a dirty dog is authoritarian, because it's not illegal to wear cultural costumes. It's called... Do you hear that?.... Listen closely... racism.
and you know why? Because in doing so one assumes the mentality of the American who wore the costume to be that of mockery, but would make no such assumption of a Mexican raised in the US who knows nothing about Mexican culture beyond big hats and tacos doing the same thing.  It's all based on the fact that they believe that a person of one category would be wrong to engage in a practice not typical of their own category.

"pointing to bad behavior that they're /only/ seeing in black communities," YES and they are categorizing the black race as a whole as one that has those traits. It is racism because it is an assumption made about the black race rather than just that particular community.  To "hate black people" based on observed behaviors, you would have to assume that all blacks are prone to that behavior - which is racially prejudiced.

"Noticing recurring behavior is not racist." But making assumptions about a race is. Just like how saying "Men are rapists" is sexist, even though there are WAY more reoccurring instances of men raping people than women.  What makes it racist or sexist in nature is the association that the speaker has between a race and a  behavior.

"White people are greedy and self centered" <-- Is that not racist? Is this also only a.. what did you call it? "pointing to bad behavior" seen in a community? 

"It's all in their history!" You mean like how minorities and whites have conflicts in America over the "history!" of enslavement, massacre, and treaty-breaking?  Like the "history!" of white employers not hiring blacks unless they straightened their hair?
Like the "history!" of whites being wealthier than blacks?

And then the result? Oh wow, lookie here,  black people assuming that every white person hates blacks and is rich - I wonder where that prejudice came from? What? A white person was mean to a black person? Gee, I wonder why people are quick to assume it's due to racism, maybe because of "history!"

Yes, history has a very strong influence on the presence of racism. Hence that it is a prejudice - because it's taking history and assuming that every person of a particular race naturally has characteristics or roles of historical people of that race.


Here are a whole bunch of definitions of race: 
each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics
a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group.
a group or set of people or things with a common feature or features.
a population within a species that is distinct in some way, especially a subspecies.
 each of the major divisions of living creatures
a group of people descended from a common ancestor.

So, what definition are you going off of, or did you just come up with your own definition so that nothing is ever racist? 

By your definition, one can't be racist if they have no opinions about their own race. So if someone didn't identify with a specific race, such as if they were mixed, they can't be racist to anyone no matter what.

"I don't know why are you even disagreeing with me" Because you said stereotype. When you assume the nature of something that's prejudice, but a stereotype is a construction; a categorical checklist. If I saw a dumb blonde on TV, that individual would be a stereotypical dumb blonde, and actually falls into that category. Meanwhile, if I merely saw a blonde on TV and assumed she was dumb, that would be prejudice.

In that sense I guess you could argue that Hetalia is about stereotypes, not race... except that they're racial... stereotypes. Yes it includes history and culture, but it also includes personality, phenotypes, and ancestry which are not specific to culture or nation, which would imply that it references the dominant races of those nations as well.

All in all saying that it's racist doesn't mean that it's only racial category at play, there's also cultural and historical reference at play as well, even moreso than race. But that doesn't mean that making a joke about racism is completely out of bounds.

"Stop seeing the world as SUBJECTIVE." What's subjective about it? It's either true or it's false. Subjective means that it's dependent on perspective; a matter of opinion. You just said that Kenyan is not a race so that would contradict my statement as simply a false statement, not an opinion.

"Why would you even engage me if you didn't want to talk politics an' shit?! "  I engaged you because it seemed like you were bringing crummy outside politics to a harmless meme and ruining the fun of it. 

Now, it's entirely possible to talk about racism without making it a political debate. Political debates are heavily opinionated and serve to influence others on a political scale. A mere discussion about whether Hetalia can be associated with racism (humorous racism but nonetheless) does not necessarily include current politics.

As I've noticed you've made quite a few references to current political issues such as cultural costumes, the revision of definitions, popular media coverage, Western political trends . That really don't need to be in a conversation about racism unless you're trying to have political influence, even on a really minute scale.
MayAnny Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I JUST told you I like debating. Taunting doesn't work. 

I also JUST told you there is no racism, you're the one who keeps comparing nationalities and historical rivalries with racism. You're seeing racism where there is none, while I'm here, explaining to you, that there is none, exactly because I see none of it.  It's not a funny joke, it's simply a stupid one, and I took the chance to bother idiots over it who think stereotypes are racist, because I enjoy it. In case I didn't make that clear enough just before.

Yeah, I didn't use any words out of context. Stereotypes is exactly what I said it is, and people who tell you how to dress because of their own subjective and personal sensitivities are authoritarian, because that's what the damn word means. Tell me how those words were poorly interpreted then? 

Just some 'nut-jobs hitting the media'? I'm sorry, I've been talking to many people for a while now just as I've been following online. Did you know that the Rotherham police department neglected to investigate Pakistani men involved with a sex ring that groomed and raped 1400 British children over the course of 10 years because they were afraid of being accused of racism? Did you forget that the German media tried to ignore the Cologne sex attacks because the perpetrators were all Middle-Eastern, for the exact same reason? Do you have any idea how many people were fired from their jobs and socially shunned because of mere accusations of racism? Do you understand the pathological fear of that word plaguing the West? Yeah, just 'some nut-jobs in the media'. You're living in another world.

It's okay to make a joke, this joke specifically doesn't really bother me, I also laughed a bit, despite thinking it was stupid as hell. I'm here specifically to ruin your fun. Simple Smiley 

Oh no, dictionaries are still pretty much 'okay', really. But people talk a lot about 'institutional racism' in the US, which doesn't exist by the way. And the redefinition includes a lot of the nonsense you wrote before, which I'll get to in a second... But the most damning has to be the popular one at colleges, where racism is 'prejudice + power' which gives everyone the power to be racist towards white men (not women, tho, they're opreeeeessed too) because they SUPPOSEDLY hold 'institutional power'. White men are forgoing college in droves because of this. So there, to add to the pile, there are people who don't want a higher-education because they don't want to deal with this 'racism' madness. But yeah, I'm sure it's just a few nut-jobs in the media... Did you know many blacks also believe in this nonsense? Remember those four who kidnapped and tortured a mentally-challenged white guy while live-streaming it on Facebook saying 'F white people'? Yeeeeah, some nut-jobs, huh? They sure seem to be doing a good job getting people discriminated against to the point where they stay away from colleges, as well as killed, raped, and tortured, huh?

Well, you're going to have to be specific on the meaning. Unless you're ready to admit that racism isn't always mean-spirited. Saying, 'oh, black people are bigger and stronger, and therefore better at sports' fall into this definition of racism, because it's one assuming generalization of abilities and characteristics by a race. So, in that definition, racism is not always bad, right? It can be just generalization of a race, be it negative or positive. But we're talking about the nagative big bad word 'racism', that horrible /insult/, right? 

I never said feeling of superiority leads to prejudice. I said prejudice is a pre-judgment, so of course it comes before. Racism IS 'prejudice based on race', and I said prejudice is not connected to racism in any special manner. There are several types of prejudice, one of them is based on race, but not all prejudice is unreasonable. Some are just common sense. So prejudice is not the big bad word, racism is the new word for 'prejudice based on race', which is unreasonable to those who believe humans are all just humans, no matter the differences. Superiority of one's race has always existed, and racism is the word we gave it, because that was the context. You said it yourself, 1900, that's the era of Eugenics. I don't remember distinguishing between which comes first. 

"Authoritarian is a belief in strict obedience to an authority" That's... exactly what I said. Unhappy Spoop You're just playing with semantics. Authoritarian is not just about an official form of authority, such as government. That's why we say 'authoritarian 'blank'', instead of just 'authoritarian'. I called them authoritarians because they think they're the authority, and want everyone to strictly obey their stupid demands.  I just called them that, because that's what I think they are, because they get mad when you disobey their demands, and that I didn't think it had anything to do with racism. Again, Mexican is not a race. You can't attribute racism to something that isn't a race. 

You're assuming that there aren't cultural problems currently plaguing black communities, and that someone pointing it out is just assuming shit. A black person who grew up 'in the hood', pointing to those problems, is not racism. And that's not based on race, that's based on the culture around blacks. Again, you're thinking in race-terms. They're not saying 'they're doing this specifically because they're black and that's why I hate them', it's actually 'they're doing this because of this culture and I hate them for it', and they don't say 'I hate this culture' because a culture doesn't act on its own, it needs people, so people are the primary focus. You would have to assume that these things are happening because of their race to say otherwise, which they aren't! It should be common sense! Blacks aren't shooting each other in droves because they're black! It's the gangster culture! The single-mother epidemic didn't happen because they're black, it happened because of welfare-culture, where women want more kids so they can get bigger welfare paychecks. Blacks /are/ the ones doing this in droves. No other community has these issues with the same level of intensity, and that's a FACT. A black person seeing this and saying 'I hate black people' doesn't mean racism. They're talking about this /behavior/, which doesn't happen because of race, and them being black means they KNOW that. They're angrily pointing out that blacks are refusing to change because of this 'institutional racism' nonsense, because they think it's the 'white man's' fault they're in that situation, when it's not. They say 'I hate black people' because they're seeing that they're refusing to take responsibility for their own misfortunes and are instead blaming all white people. It's not a 'pre-judgment', it's reality. And people like you, who put that stigma of 'racism' on these people (the blacks who leave that misery behind and see the real world for what it is) is just contributing to keeping blacks stuck with their own misery. Congrats. 

"'Noticing recurring behavior is not racist.' But making assumptions about a race is" Like I said, they're not making ASSUMPTIONS about RACE. They're seeing the world as it is, they're seeing how people are behaving, and they're pointing out, which is the first step for change, to make things better, recognize that there is something wrong. But you don't want that. It's 'racism'. 

Rape is not a /recurring behavior/ in the West. The numbers of cases have been dropping for decades and they're infinitely rarer to anything else we mentioned. What the hell are you talking about...?

"White people are greedy and self-centered" Now is that racist? Let's look at it more closely. First, is that a recurring behavior? Or is it something that happens amongst all races? Is it divided evenly amongst white people compared to others?, or is it more prominent when seen through other lenses that don't include race? According to statistics, white /Republicans/ are MUCH more likely to donate to charity, even more so white Christian Republicans, while white Democrats, Christian or otherwise, are much LESS likely to do so. Is that a 'recurring issue amongst /whites/'? No, the numbers don't support your thesis, it seems to be much more about personal values, political affiliation associated to such values, or religion, but not race, reality doesn't confirm it, so it is racist to say that. Now, blacks, 13% of the population, commit 50% of the country's crimes... 90% of blacks shot and killed are killed by other blacks (not cops, surprise surprise), 70% of armed self-defense cases that kill blacks happen by the hands of other blacks, also 70% of black children are raised by single mothers... Gee, I wonder. That's a recurring behavior, pointing it out is not racist. Now, saying that they do these things BECAUSE they're blacks (or as 4chan folks might say: 'because they're a low IQ race'), now that would be racist. Is that clear enough?

Concerning history, I was talking about Europeans and the supposed racism amongst French and Brits and such, which YOU nonsensically pointed out. But you want to talk about enslavement? Fine, let's go, baby. :smugshrug:  

First, slavery is not tied to any race, despite what you learned in school. The word slave, comes from the word Slav, because of the sheer number of Slavs enslaved throughout history. So slavery was endemic of all races all across the world. The people who enslaved the most were Arabs, enslaving Europeans and Africans, as well as Asians and other Semitics. For a long time, Europeans couldn't live in the south coast, because of Muslim slavers wandering the Mediterranean, pillaging merchant ships and taking people to sell, as well as attacking coasts for the same purposes. England was the first country to outright ban slavery in their land, all the way back in the 1080's. Later on, when they had their empire, they would use that power to force the whole world to make slavery illegal, one way was by blocking the Atlantic Trade routes with their navy ships, attacking all slaver ships they found. Now what about black slavery? Okay, only 1.4% of the US population owned slaves when it was legal, the majority of African slaves were sent to Brazil, where many freed slaves would later own other black slaves. Now how were they sold? They were overwhelmingly sold by African kingdoms and Islamic kingdoms whose riches depended on the slave market, blacks captured and sold by blacks, but also Muslims sold many blacks (as well as castrated them when keeping them, so they wouldn't multiply), now... it seems like it was more about MONEY and less about race... That's not to say racism wasn't a thing. It was a key element that protected slavery against Christians, for example. What I'm saying is that it's more complicated that what your dumb history teachers probably said. They lie and twist things a lot. There's a LOT more to it, but I won't write all of that here. Slavery was a blight to humanity, plagued the world for most of our history. But thanks to the brave efforts of Enlighted and/or Christian Brits and Americans, the Western World finally freed itself from those shackles, efforts which you seem to scorn at, as if it were white people's fault that it even existed in the first place. It has always existed, the societies that ended it weren't 'societies of whites', they were the historical mixture between Roman Law, Greek Philosophy, and Jewish-Christian Morality. That's the wonderful mixture that freed humanity from slavery (in large part, because Muslims still don't mind enslavement of non-Muslims in the Middle East, and Africans are still enslaving each other in places like Lybia, oh and the North Koreans have slavery too... I think China does too...). It doesn't seem to be a white vs everybody else thing. Whites are a minority in the world, you know that, right? 

Whites are wealthier than blacks in the US because they started amassing wealth first with their work ethic, it's their country after all, they created it, and blacks were, unfortunately, unable to do so because of the blight I mentioned. But nothing is stopping them from starting now. I already explained the problem with the black community. Nothing is stopping them other than themselves today. And wealth building is not a race, there's no reason to be upset about ranking. Although, if you look at an ethnic chart of success in the US, whites are around 16th in there, just letting you know.

Quite a few blacks (the crazy ones especially) assume every white hates them because their culture is poisonous, it teaches them that, it holds them back, because they think there's a higher force stopping them. You can thank the Postmodernists for that, and you can also thank Obama for stocking animosity between races with his bullshit. On that same note, whites are taught to hate themselves with that white-privilege talk, which has a variety of cultural effects, such as wanting Communism (which on its own is a mental disease, to be quite honest) and also the suicide rates, which are much higher for whites. People point to racism whenever a white does something bad to a black one because people have been inflicted with this cultural poison. You know, Jim Crow was instituted by Democrats, and blacks actually had MORE wealth back then, but now they're poorer! Have you ever wondered why? I'm sorry, but history doesn't follow your narrative! 

Your sudden scorn at history is disgusting, btw. You have no idea what you're even talking about. It's all learned rhetoric with you, I should have figured you were a typical useful idiot. You're just parroting nonsense, you're not even thinking. History is all that happened in the past that led us here, it led us to scientific discoveries, better medicine that saves millions every year, everything you havem from the home you live, the language you speak, the food you eat and the medicine you take, the books you read, and the education you have. It's history that humanity freed itself from slavery, at least in the West, and yet, despite the fact that we're all trying, all the people of the past of who tried their best despite all the evils humanity created, it's just not good enough, you have to complain about it, instead of fixing what's happening today. People like you really drive me nuts. It's just like blacks asking for free wealth in the form of 'reparations', because they're too lazy to start amassing wealth on their own. They refuse to sort themselves out, and blame everybody, even those who are already dead. It's pathetic and it really makes me sad. 

What I explained is basics of races. you can't have several different meanings of an OBJECTIVE thing such as race. I have no idea why you're pointing this out. I just organized it for you in the simplest manner, because all of this pretty much fits to what I pointed out. "each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics" That happens in the distinction I made.

a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group" Now that's what I had called a subrace, basically. It doesn't fit with race, because culture, history, language are behavioral, not biological, and race is entirely biological, but I guess 'ethnic group' is a better term for it. Maybe 'subrace' has weird implications to most people, maybe the base is not strong enough to call it a 'subrace' now that I think about it, even if in grammar it's fine, it's a category /under/ race, in a way. Wow, that was a big mistake in my thinking. :thinking: Okay, I certainly won't be making that mistake with next person I discuss this same topic with. Thanks. Moving on. 

a group or set of people or things with a common feature or features" Exactly what I had just said first.

a population within a species that is distinct in some way, especially a subspecies" Considering my previous thoughts, sub-species probably works better with animals.

each of the major divisions of living creatures a group of people descended from a common ancestor" Again, exactly what I did. So. What's your point?

Mixed race is its own race. You can't be mixed and say 'I don't know which one I identify with'. You'd be mixed, pardo for example. That's European+Ameridian. Too white to be black, too black to be white. You're neither. You're mixed.

When did I say that stereotypes weren't a prejudice? I said they weren't racist (and when we say racism, you know we all mean the negative connotation). Prejudice is pre-judgment. Not always good or bad. It's a neutral term. I said stereotypes aren't racist. That was my point of contestation with the stupid joke to begin with. You can say that there is a side of racial stereotype, but that's not racist. The majority of the people in the county are white? The character representing the stereotypes of that country will be white too. That's not racist and the show never made a racist joke, or at the very least, I don't remember it (if there is one, point it out to me, because I honestly don't remember). 

I told you to stop seeing the world as subjective when you said Kenyan could be a race. We live in an era where everything is subjective, even morality is subjective to many people (it is not, right and wrong is objective). 

And yes, I wanted to ruin people's fun.:bird:And yes, I wanted to talk about politics specifically, because sometimes, I'm in the mood and I like it. Although, my main reason is that I do enjoy writing own my arguments and thought-processes, so I can find flaws when people question them, and then I can improve them, and see, I did that here. Thanks for that. If someone reads my arguments and considers the idea and thinks through their own, then that's a bonus.

I explained prejudice to you because I was under the impression that you somehow didn't understand that it wasn't in itself a bad thing intrinsically linked to racism. Then after I wrote all of that, I read the definition you gave. I liked what I wrote and didn't want to erase it after putting my thoughts into it, so I sent it anyway. Do you want me to explain what 'hypocrite' means with an entire paragraph as well? 

How to define race? There's plenty of study there. It's not just skin color, humans have different races, and that's science. I call it by the continental names because it's /easier/. I'm not an expert. Simple Smiley I already explained, mixed race are their own race. My country has a Pardo majority, that's European+Amerindian, and no matter how much they reproduce, they still look the same. They don't turn darker because of dominant genes, and they don't turn lighter with the recessive ones. So that's a new race right there. Different phenotypes within the white race is what I had called subraces, although, clearly, I need some extra thinking when it comes to this whole subrace thing.  

"The French, Italian, Jewish, German" only one of these is an ethnic group, the Jews. They're Semitic people, which is why anti-Jewish sentiment is called Anti-Semitism. Arabs are Semitic as well, so skin color is not the most defining factor for race, which is I thought 'skin color' was a poor way to describe it, there are even some Arabs that are pretty close to white. Germans, the name Germany, comes from the Germanic people, that's historical heritage. The Austrians are Germanic as well, they just don't like to hear it. So are the Poles, except their history is entirely influenced by its closest active neighbor and historical headache, Russia, the Slavs... Race would be the best way to differentiate people who are too different. Europeans have light skin color, Africans have dark brown skin, Africans also have a different bone structure, and can be easily recognized in forensics. You can differentiate between the skeletons of Africans, Europeans, Asians, Semitics, and Amerindians pretty easily (if you're an expert) but it's harder when you're trying to be more specific. So I call that race. Biological/structural differences. Some people might point to IQ as well, although I don't think that's really linked to race. Smart people make smart babies, dumb people make dumb babies, no matter the race. 

On the mainstream topic, I mentioned costumes because they bugged the hell out of me last year, I expect them to bug me this year as well. They bother me. But what I said still stands. People trying to dictate what hairdo or clothes people can wear based on their subjective idea of 'offensive' is still authoritarian and they can all go to hell. Simple Smiley  
golden1willow Featured By Owner 1 day ago
“Taunting doesn't work.”
Oh, I’m not taunting, I just think it’s cute how typical your responses are, just reading over your words, you have on many occasions looked at my statements, even my mentions through a heavily biased lens. And your responses are cute because they’re not even portraying what I actually said, but a strawman version of what I said, and like I said, you’re being oversensitive.
Several times you’ve allowed mere mentions of words trigger unnecessary and somewhat off-topic rants. And you assume that I fall into your schema of people who disagree.
In short, you’re only indulging in the worst interpretation of what I say. And that’s so typical it’s what everyone complains about someone on the “other side’ doing and then completely ignore it when it happens to support their opinions.
You criticize the tone of my response when your own also displays some emotional distortion.

Also try not to assume your conversing partner is a complete and total idiot and then proceed to treat them like one. It makes you look bad when they’re not, and says something about your willingness to degrade others. Additionally, it only serves to create miscommunication, as you then are going to respond to what is the easiest to disagree with, not what's more likely to have been meant. It resembles a stawman fallacy, but not quite.

So, yeah. Typical.


“comparing nationalities and historical rivalries with racism”
Actually no, I’m not, I was referring to individual cases, not on national or historical scales. It is racist (in its most relevant form) for someone to assume the behavioral qualities of an individual based on the fact that they are the same race as another individual who also performed that behavior. Regardless of racial or nationalistic history, it is not a just means of categorizing people.
It would not be fair for me as an employer to avoid hiring people of certain races because they’re the same race as some historical criminals or past invaders. Simlarly, it is not fair to portray whites as racist and cruel just because many historical whites enforced racism in the US and mangled Native Americans, literally tearing out the wombs of sqwas in the name of God.  
That’s what causes just about every racial problem – even in cases where they try to remedy the /effects/ of past racial conflicts (such as blacks getting into colleges for fewer points than whites and Asians)
“exactly because I see none of it” That’s not a valid explanation XD That’s like a person with bad hearing saying, “I’m telling you he’s not making any noise, exactly because I hear nothing”

“It's not a funny joke, it's simply a stupid one” This is completely your opinion, and it seems to be based off of an incredibly narrow lens. Did you ever consider any other perspectives on why something is considered funny?
Whether or not something is funny has little to do with truth but with irony. This irony also doesn’t have to do with truth. It could be funny merely because of how radical a category the show is put into yet it’s interpreted as something implied to be harmless, “cute”.
One doesn’t have to believe it’s an accurate depiction of the show, one doesn’t even have to think that stereotypes are racist to find it funny. It’s a play on associations, not beliefs.
There are several ways to take the joke, you seem to just don’t know how jokes work.
“out of context” You mean incorrectly?
“and people who tell you how to dress” Okay, well, this would be out of context. I don’t remember specifying that any actions are taken by people who have beliefs about how certain races should behave. I merely said that there are people who /believe/ that certain races should behave certain ways.  I just hope you realize that someone can be authoritarian (at least in your definition) and be racist at the same time. Such as someone demanding that an interracial couple split up. Their demands are inspired by racist perspectives.
“Tell me how those words were poorly interpreted then?” You implied that the words “stereotypes” and “prejudices” were interchangeable, or somehow synonymous. They are not.

“.Did you know that the Rotherham police department neglected to…”
Like I said, nut-jobs hit the media.

After all, you just stated that these problems were due to worry over being associated with racism. Anyone who would claim that the German media was racist for covering sex attacks is a nut-job, and those who do things like that are nut-jobs. Anyone who would rather keep the word “racist” out of their ears than catch a rapist is a nut-job. Anyone who would call a police force racist for investigating a suspected or known rapist of a certain race IS A NUT-JOB

I never said that nut-jobs had no influence, the west knows darn well they have influence. But still, that doesn’t mean a joke can’t be made about a mere concept like racism. Honestly, kids do it all the time, even spoofing the word into rediculous contexts such as calling someone racist for liking vanilla Oreos rather than the traditional kind it's funny because it's stupid.  Honestly, it’s …. Bruh, do you not understand what “just a joke” means?

“I'm here specifically to ruin your fun” Well, it’s not that serious, not for me anyways, honestly still find the joke funny even if you have an entire file-cabinet of reasons to not find it funny, like, c’mon. Are you really going to do this every time the word racist pops up in a joke?

“. But people talk a lot about 'institutional racism'” That’s what I was referring to when I said dictionaries had added a new definition.

“Did you know many blacks also believe in this nonsense?” Why yes, yes I do. Actually, most of the examples I’ve seen of this has been of black people. Why do you ask?
Did you hear about the black girl that was recently kidnapped and hung on video by white confederate supporters?  

“, some nut-jobs, huh?” I agree.

“. Unless you're ready to admit that racism isn't always mean-spirited” I never said that it WAS always mean spirited. Where did you get that from? Do you not think that I’m aware of assumptions that Asians are all rich and genius?

“But we're talking about the negative big bad word 'racism', that horrible /insult/, right?” That was your own assumption X’D There’s no reason for a word to only be used positively or negatively.

“. There are several types of prejudice” You don’t need to explain this to me. I study psychology, I’m completely aware of what the word can apply to and what leads to it.

“which is unreasonable to people who believe humans are all just humans” and also people who believe in certain more specific concepts of race but are aware that people vary in both genetic predisposition and personal experience even within races and that most behavior is learned.

“Authoritarian is not just about an official form of authority, such as government.” Well, I wasn’t only referring to official forms of authority. But expressing an opinion about other people doesn’t mean that you believe yourself to be an authority, it AT LEAST means that you value that opinion for whatever reason. It could be that you fear how others will interpret appearances, like my mom always does, it could be that you believe certain behaviors encourage specific ways of thinking, like wearing “boyish” clothes or playing “boyish” sports encourages “boyish” thoughts or mentalities (also my mom).

Like, with jokes, there are several different ways of thinking that can lead to behavior or (specifically what I said) beliefs about how others should be.  YOU YOURSELF are expressing disapproval over other’s behavior, does that make you authoritarian?

“Again, Mexican is not a race.” It depends on the context really. There are different interpretations of what a race is and if you’re not able to adjust to the context then that’s just you being linguistically inflexible.

Imagine someone saying that certain kinds of music aren’t “cultural” because it has nothing to do with making cheese, or has nothing to do with growing bacteria. Imagine that.

“You're assuming that there aren't cultural problems currently plaguing black communities, and that someone pointing it out is just assuming shit.”

CAN YOU NOT READ? The example I gave is of some specifically referring to black people.

I’m perfectly aware of the cultural problems in many black communities. I currently reside in a dominantly black community and could go on for days about how problematic the way the people here live.

HOWEVER, your main flaw here is the complete ignorance you’ve demonstrated to the fact that “I hate black people” is a statement that specifies the black race.  

“Black people” is not a culture. It’s literally a phenotype. Not all or even most black people practice the same lifestyle, nor are there only blacks who do participate in the lifestyle that is associated with black communities in America.

There are gangsters, drug dealers, rappers, sexually irresponsible people, poorly educated people etc. who are not black and act just like the blacks they live around. Why are they excluded from the statement?

At the same time there are blacks who do not practice the culture associated with their racial community. So how is categorizing an entire race of people into a single culture not racist?

Pointing out problems is only pointing out problems when you’re pointing to the problem, not people who LOOK like people who are doing the problem.

“They're talking about this /behavior/,”

“Black people” is not a behavior.

“blacks are refusing to change” well it’s way more complicated than that buddy, and what about all the blacks who don’t buy into or have never even heard of this “institutional racism”? Are they just, not black? Because according to that statement “I hate black people” blacks who don’t participate in the problematic practices of the culture associated with them would also be “hated”.

And don’t misunderstand, I give examples as examples. I could just as easily create an example of racism towards whites. I hope you aren’t seeing these as indications that my concerns are only inspired by the examples I give. If it offends you less, I could only refer to instances of wrongdoings onto whites if you want.

“the blacks who leave that misery behind” Except that they’re still miserable. Most of the blacks that I’ve heard say this participate in the same problematic culture that lead to their schema about blacks. The funny thing is, I've also heard on may occasions the exact phrase "because I'm black" of "Because that's what black people do". They complain about others making stereotypes of them , and then proceed to act according to stereotypes. As mentioned, your lens is heavily biased to paint my argument in only the worst light possible.

“which is the first step for change”

The first step for change? Mentalities that generalize a race as a culture is exactly what lead to the popular antagonizing of the white race after slavery, the black codes, lynching, and favoritism towards whites.

Many minorities say “white people are not your friends” it’s essentially the same in nature, and guess what, it’s the very mentality you’re saying is problematic, but when the same mentality is held towards blacks it’s realizing the truth.

The first step to change is identifying the problem. The Problem is not their race, it’s their state of being.  Practices, Relationships, Income, Intelligence, etc.
2nd step -  investigate potential predispositions to the problem. As you implied, their race is not a factor of this nature. This would be things like domestic environment, education, mentalities, habits, beliefs; culture, community.
3rd step – investigate the causes of the predispositions. This would be things like exposure to better education opportunities, school funding, exposure to culture, advertising agendas. (there’s more likely to be advertising for drugs in low-income areas – because poor people are understood to be more easily convinced to use them)
Then you can get into the root of the problem and fix it. I myself didn't even think racism existed until I moved to a dominantly black community in Highschool, you can imagine the culture shock I had. 

“First, is that a recurring behavior?” It was in the olden days. Whites held most of the wealth, and were able to fund schools in their community better – did not want to share with other races. Spat on and threatened death to black attending white schools, favored white employees over black employees,

Even after slavery many policies which benefitted whites over blacks were enforced with a passion.
Spoiled rich kids – often white.
During the expansion of settlers, they apparently were so obsessed with getting rich that they were willing to displace, massacre and the pen-in Native Americans even after they established treaties.

I myself am not bitter about any of this, but these things did lead to problems that persist today, and do heavily influence racial prejudices. My mom would always be worried about someone driving by and hitting us with a bat when we were walking down sidewalks. I couldn't adopt that fear because I had no experiences that supported it other than her word, so I didn't think that way.

“. Now, saying that they do these things BECAUSE they're blacks”  

Boi – or gurl, which ever, You really don’t seem to understand that that’s generally what the statement means. I never said that stating statistics was racist. But making conclusions about a race based on those statistics is racist, because many people who are in that race do NOT fall into those statistics.

Did you know that most infanticides throughout history are committed by the mother? Would this justify an inference that women are baby killers?

By your logic, If I grew up in a community of blacks where crime was low, and stated “Blacks are not criminals” it would be just as true as “blacks are criminals” when stated in a community where crime is high.

If someone looked at those statistics and concluded that blacks are violent, that would be racist – it staples a behavior to a race. And many people do that. Statistics are being hit with controversy because they have been used in the past to support racist views, primarily due to a flaw of assuming that correlation = causation.

I myself don’t do that with statistics. At least not racial stats because I spent my early life in a diverse no-nonsense community.

“But you want to talk about enslavement?” NO No I don’t want to talk about enslavement I only mentioned it to make a point about what influences people’s perspective for crying out loud clean your lens!

“First, slavery is not tied to any race” I know
“The word slave, comes from the word Slav” I know
“The people who enslaved the most were Arabs:” I know
“enslaving Europeans and Africans, as well as Asians and other Semitics” Did not know but cool I guess
“force the whole world to make slavery illegal” Incorrect, slavery is legal in parts of the world today.
“Okay, only 1.4% of the US population owned slaves” Knew that
“sold by African kingdoms and Islamic kingdoms” Knew that
“what your dumb history teachers probably said” Things usually are, yes. But My history teachers weren’t dumb, most of them were rather intelligent, just about all of them being veterans of some sort.

“which you seem to scorn at” Where did I scorn? I merely mentioned it. And it’s not even the fact of slavery that has made it so controversial today, it’s what came after it and what happened around it. After slaery was abolished, Black codes were enforced, African Americans were denied jobs because they’re hair wasn’t straight,  blacks were lynched, segregated, intimidated. Of course, after experianceing that, they're going to teach their kids to watch out, and as the generations pass, the effects persist.

Even during slavery, if you were born a free black person, you ran the risk of being kidnapped and sold into slavery within your own country. Slavery wasn’t based on race, but In the United states it was heavily associated with race – being that if you were black, you being a slave was considered appropriate, at least much more so than if you were white.

True true whites did all that great stuff, they also did all that bad stuff.  Fact stated. But why is it that you shove these facts down throats whenever people talk about the bad things that white people have done, but are completely void of contradiction when someone talks about the bad things black people have done?

I’m not assuming you’re racist, but there is some strong bias going on when it comes to what you deem appropriate to consider.
“Whites are a minority in the world, you know that, right?” Yes. Why?
“Whites are wealthier than blacks in the US because..” also because of the limitations that dominantly black communities actually had. These limitations have long lasting effects on both racial communities. Hence that even though whites established the country the wealthiest race on average is Asians. Even Hispanics are doing better than the black community because of the historical relationship between it and the white community.  

“. Nothing is stopping them other than themselves today.” Over-simplified. There are entire communities of white supremacists still present in the US, and while they have little to no legal power, I doubt nearby black communities are just going to ignore them.

Racial tension is not one-sided, and unfortunately it practically causes itself.  There were whites who hated blacks, so there were blacks who distrusted/hated whites, and so there were whites who used the black's attitude towards them as a justification for being the way they were.
Statistics also show that blacks are more likely than whites to be arrested or investigated for possession of drugs, in that same statistic, blacks were not more likely to have actually  had drugs.

And since many people who identify as African American are aware that they have such a negative reputation, that influences their trust that others don’t base their decisions towards individuals off of that reputation.
Not only that but blacks have one of the lowest average incomes, low-income communities tend to have poorly-funded schools, which greatly impacts the students that attend those schools. Add to this that welfare changed it’s policy (it used to provide less money to the recipient as time went on to give them time to acquire an income but not be able to free-load completely) It’s practically considered a strategy to sit on welfare rather than struggle with a job.

Additionally. It’s also possible that people are aware of the controversy that has happened with hiring or otherwise engaging with blacks, and thus avoid doing so. Not necessarily because they’re black, but because they fear that any misfortune towards that black person will be blamed on them.
“You can thank the Postmodernists for that” What? The belief that all whites hate blacks has been a thing since white supremacy became a thing. It’s not new. 

Do you think that mentality just popped out of the blue?
“suicide rates, which are much higher for whites.” Or higher classes. Considering that many children are killing themselves over things like cyber bullying, I doubt that suicide rates being higher for whites has more to do with racial politics than it does with their average standard of living.
You know the spoiled brat stereotype and how they’re vexed about everything despite having so much? That’s a problem with their ability to engage in problems.  I don’t mean to be insensitive, but a lot of people kill themselves over the tiniest things, and as the average standard of living has risen, suicide rates have also risen.

“history doesn't follow your narrative! “ What was my narrative? Nothing you said contradicted any of my statements about history. What are you reading?

“you have to complain about it,” Not complaining.  This was a conversation about what could and could not be considered racist.
And, what are you doing to fix it other than complaining about people having problems?

“several different meanings of an OBJECTIVE thing such as race.” Yes you can, just like how you can have several different meanings of an objective thing like blindness.

You’re just insisting that others go by your context of race. People use the word race to refer to certain types of categories or levels. Yes mixing the categories in a conversation confuses the context, but there are different categories of race, definitively, it isn’t only one thing.
By your own logic “black” and “white” aren’t races, yet you use them repetitively as races because that’s the context. 

“You can't be mixed and say 'I don't know which one I identify with'.”
I’m going to assume you don’t remember what context this was for. I had mentioned identity because you claimed that racism was specifically about believing your own race was superior. A belief depends on one’s perspective, how can you have a perspective on your own race if you don’t acknowledge what race you even are?

“we all mean the negative connotation” Why only the negative connotation? That makes no sense. And didn't you just say "racism isn't always mean-spirited"?

“When did I say that stereotypes weren't a prejudice?” I don’t even know what quote you’re going off of. A stereotype isn’t a prejudice.

“even morality is subjective to many people” Morality is subjective. What’s right and what’s wrong is a matter of perspective and opinion. How is morality not subjective?

“ I do enjoy writing own my arguments and thought-processes, so I can find flaws when people question them, and then I can improve them,” so do I but you’ve got quite a bit to improve upon when it comes to your style.

“Race would be the best way to differentiate people who are too different.” Too different for… ?

“Africans have dark brown skin” So do Indians?
“differentiate between the skeletons of Africans, Europeans, Asians, Semitics, and Amerindians pretty easily” So this is race in a forensic context. Btw, there are black people with white facial structures, and vice versa so... 

“I mentioned costumes because they bugged the hell out of me last year,” I used to get stressed out over things like that too, but then I realized it was only bothering me because I was investing emotions empty wishes into it.
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RustySun Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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So, before I even get into all of that extra babbling,  (you basically spent an entire paragraph say what I just said about prejudice... just jope you realize you're officially a hypocrite now)

How exactly DO you define race?  Because last I checked, black, white, and yellow are skin colors, if you're going to be so specific,.  Caucasians are people from the caucasus mountains, European refers to a resident of the continent of Europe, Asian, a resident of Asia. If you're going purely off of skin color then what race are people of mixed race are they only the race that they have a closer skin tone to?

Besides, there are definite phenotypes for different white races, The French, italian, Jewish, German, and other countries have their distinct look, so why is skin color the only determinant of race? ( that is, for you.)

Also, I couldn't help but notice that you're terribly mainstream. Costumes were not even on my mind in mentioning clothes, I think actual cross cultural dressing. Like a white person wearing dreads or cornrows, or a black person wearing khakis.
LandryLoud Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
"How is that racist?'-Ancient white saying. 
MayAnny Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ancient HUMAN saying.

Btw, white people were the first to abolish slavery and the first to say all humans are equal beneath the law, all while Africans enslaved each other and all while Arabs enslaved Slavs (the origin of the word slave, btw), whites, blacks, Indians, the list goes on. They still do it, too. It took Saudi Arabia until 1970's to outlaw slavery, and there's still active slave trade in Africa and in the Middle East, perpetuated by Africans, Arabs, and also by Asians like the Chinese, who are currently colonizing Africa via its markets and weak economy, but you're a typical liberal idiot who doesn't care about any of this.

Get your anti-white racism somewhere else.
PastelleOasis Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  New Deviant
Yes but white people still think they are better than black people so at least we want eq
Bioniclezilla76 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
Jesus Christ that's ignorant and racist.
As a white man, I just don't want to be accused of things that my ancestors did purely because of my skin color.
MayAnny Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No they don't. There are racists from all races, but racist whites are a much smaller minority, especially compared to racist blacks, racist any-other-race (because of how much more attacked whites are for such a thing as racism). Normal people, whites Americans most of all, don't give a damn. We just want you to leave people alone and be productive to society, with a job or private business. We love black comedians, singers, actors, athletes, in case you haven't noticed. If you're white and saying such nonsense, then, are you perhaps projecting? Do you think blacks are inferior and feels guilty or something? 

If not, then aren't you racist yourself for generalizing whites to such an extent? How do you feel about generalizing all Muslims as terrorists? How about all Mexicans as violent thugs? 

You disgust me. Simple Smiley 
LandryLoud Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
A bit sensitive aren't we, snowflake?
MayAnny Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol Well, when people come at me with that tired and lazy anti-white racism, I can't help but marvel at their sheer idiocy and ignorance - I also really like writing and debating, so no harm done, eh? 

I'm sorry if I threw too many facts at you, dear. I hope your brain didn't shut down. Spoop Knows 
LandryLoud Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
You did write a lot of facts, none of them relevant to my joke. A joke based on white stereotypes that two posts below me you said you're entirely okay with. Whenever people of color take exception to a joke all we hear is "political correctness gone mad!" "muh free speech!" "hyper-sensitivity!" "go cry in your safe space, LOL" and so on. Yet white people have skin thinner than tissue paper
MayAnny Featured By Owner Edited Sep 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh please, don't write excuses to me. You know perfectly well your comment was a racist comment, but since racism towards whites is allowed, I guess you see no problem with that. If there's 'ancient black saying' or 'ancient brown saying' joke that makes either look bad, people would be screeching their heads off about racism. You know that.

Stop acting innocent, you racist. Simple Smiley 
LandryLoud Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
And I'm sure you'd be "screeching" along with them right?
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It's incredibly stereotypical
MayAnny Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So? Nationalities aren't a race, and stereotypes are born out of behaviors that stick out and out of patterns that people noticed overtime.

It's really dumb to call it racist, because it just shows you have no idea what racism
even means.
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so true.....
AssassinsKenway Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a fan of the series.
And I don't think its racist.
Because they all have unique backgrounds it can't really be racist.
Ndusk77 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017   Filmographer

CherryLeva Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016
Well actually I don't know why you think there are racist contents in Hetalia...Could you please offer some further explanation?
ZelphyrTheSecond Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The whole series is based on stereotypes
MayAnny Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stereotypes aren't racist, fam.
andrea0723 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hetalia is my favourite anime, but i gotta agree its rly racist XD. when canada said aboot i just wanted to throw my ipad on the ground XD ( cause i am canadian ) but even though it offends me he is still somehow my favourite character XD
SamiraStarz Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
i didnt really think of hetalia as racist, and im black myself
Otaku-Senpai-artist Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ikr lol
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Ah so true
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OMG he's so cute!!!! :heart: :heart:
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Positive racism!
ClaudetteCarballo Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
After looking at this...I'll see hetalia in the racist way now...
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true Ita-chan emo 
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hi Sans 
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You can't get any more true than that!!
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Hey! Thats-a me as a little baby!
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Hey!! It's not racist!!
tultsi93 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
"Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Modern variants are often based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. These can take the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently."

I agree, I don't find any Hetalia's trait there. I don't see any of them threat China, Japan or Cuba horribly. They keep them as humans.
lily54541 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Student General Artist
So true.
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